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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Traveling Pendant

It's hard to believe that it has been nearly one year since my Mom passed away. This Sunday, February 12th, will find my family close together, doing our best to remember only the good times, offering each other hugs, tissues and keeping this amazing woman as close to our hearts as possible.

The pendant that Mom was so proud of has been traveling the world now for one year also. It has been to South Africa, Italy and many states within the U.S.

The pendant's journey has been much like life, full of both ups and downs. It has had amazing experiences, been temporarily lost twice, been shark diving, and even part of Notre Dame's history, if only briefly.

I guess I was naive to think 12 months would be enough time for everyone who wanted to wear it to have that chance. It has a waiting list still, and I know Mom must be smiling down knowing and seeing how many people, most of whom she has never met, want to be a part of this journey, even now.

The traveling pendant book, which will be known as The Ether Diaries will be out in late 2012 and I can only hope a movie will also follow.

Looking back over the past year, it's hard to imagine I accomplished anything at all without the normal five telephone calls daily that I used to make to my Mom. Many days I wanted to stay in bed, many days I did just that, and some I cried. 12 months later, I miss her just as much, and even more some days, and I struggle to believe she won't call, "Hi, it's Mom." She would always say.

I dream of her often, and many others who have gone before me, and hope they come for me, hold my hand, stroke my hair, and wipe my one final tear when my time comes.

Until then, I'll keep going, doing all I can to honor her, my Self, and everything she taught me. Thank you everyone for your love, support and frienship.

Until then.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Circles and Squares

With the sunrise comes to life a child’s toy box.
The lifting of the lid signals the toys that had been forgotten overnight
to now magically be renewed and prepare for the day.

Shiny and fresh, they alertly wait for the morning’s routine to begin.
Sitting patiently as sunrise lessons are learned
tested and
they are at the ready for any amount of comfort that may be required.
They light up, in reflection of a success
and stand tall, proudly in anticipation of what will come.

As mid day settles in, and the sun sits high in the noon day sky,
still at the ready, they soak in every detail of the day.
Nothing seems to be enough, or tiring, or too much
for these friends, who are repeatedly loved, enjoyed, adored
and welcomed into the arms of everyone
in need of an embrace.

Now showing slight signs of wear from an abundance of life’s love,
they settle down, and snuggle in for the brilliant colors
that light the sky, to let them know it’s okay now
to sit and rest awhile, and remember all the games, adventures and special moments
that existed on this one day.

Finally, the sun slips away and the moon shines brightly in the dark, night sky.
The toys know it is time now to return home and wait for another day.
Into the toy box they go, ever so gently, as they are frail now, missing parts, and worn.
Carefully placed in the box until they are called on again.

Forever, they will be looked at as perfect, and remembered always
in every childhood tale of life, love and loss.
The memories created will last many lifetimes, and as slowly
the lid is closed
the child rests
knowing they are safe
even though they cannot be seen.

With the sunset comes to life
a new perspective
a new journey
and a new chapter
in the cosmic circle journal.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Traveling Pendant

Hello again world!

I started this blog way back, who knows when...but never really used it. I thought since I don't have four leaf clover any longer, I would post thoughts, rants, essays here.

My newest project, which I was lucky enough to find an agent for (phew!) is called The Traveling Pendant. Basically the idea began when my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. She wished she had traveled more, and since she was unable to travel we decided to send my surfboard pendant to all the places she wanted to visit. The pendant is made of bone in the shape of my surfboard and has her initial's carved on the back.

The idea too off, and will be worn by so many wonderful people I am speechless when I stop to think about it.

You can follow along on FaceBook at The Traveling Pendant . Please forgive me if that link is ugly, I am refreshing my html skills!

That's it for now, but please spread the word and stay tuned for LOTS of cool stuff!!

Peace, Chris

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recipe for Irish Stone Soup!

It's Tuesday here, and a cold one in New England for sure! Raw, damp and overall blecht. Naturally this weather makes me think of soup, and coincidentally, a few folks have asked...what the HECK is Irish Stone Soup?

So on this dank, dark day, I share with you my recipe for stone soup:

(few) of any veggie you may have (carrots, snow peas, asparagus, broccoli etc)

(one) of anything you may such as onion, cabbage - chopped

broth - if you have chicken stock great, or beef stock, fantastic...if not stone soup takes on a new life. Substitute any of the following, soy sauce, spaghetti sauce, water, broth from another can of soup in the house mixed with water, or anything you may have. This is the basic idea for stone soup broth, get creative, what sounds gross will probably taste amazing!

Meat can also be added if you have any...hamburger, chicken, steak, anything if not, a clean stone will do. A virtual one please. This is the main ingredient of stone soup. As it is made with whatever you may have, even with the thinnest cupboards.

Pasta which can naturally be substituted for rice, tortellini, or anything else from raman noodles to spaghetti o's.

Seasoning is also key here, basil, garlic (again if you have it), bay leaves, salt, pepper...whatever ya got that will make the house smell good and warm it up with your bubbling caldron of stone soup.

COOK - as long as you like really.....


Cheers, Chris =)

Let me know who has made this (and I know at least some of you have) and what other ingredients have rocked your stone soup world!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome World

Welcome to my very first blog post! Here you will see my thoughts, concerns, rants, recipes...anything really that strikes me. Please leave any and all comments you may have. I not only welcome, but invite, everyone to drop by, say hello and leave a hello!